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It seems like every time we go out to the track with our GT-R customers, they continue to better their times and set new records!

This time out, we had two similar EQ Built GT-R's at the drag strip. Both ran 9.3's at @ 150-151mph on stock manifold turbos. One of them is even on bone stock heads and cams! The best part is that both cars ran flawlessly all night with no need to touch the tune. Here is one of the runs on the 2013:

We also recently tuned another local GT-R running Alpha 12 turbos and went out to support the customer at Air Strip Attack. With some fine tuning at the event, the car managed to trap 204mph in the 1/2 mile and was one of the fastest cars at the event!

And here is the same car ringing in the New Year with its first ever 8 second 1/4 mile pass!

There is more in store! Watch for updates as we are starting on a couple of bigger builds including a 4.1l stroker motor and some bigger turbos for another customer!

EQ News

- Cobb and Ecutek Flex Fuel Tuning Now Available for all GT-R's!

- BRZ/FR-S Turbo Kits, Supercharger Kits, And Custom Tuning Now Available!

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First time out with the new EQ Tuning Turbo BRZ Project Car. The car is a blast and we can't wait for the next track event with much more power, better tires, and better driving!